Energy Engineering and Design

We specialize in providing a whole building approach to energy reduction stratagies.

Achieving optimum performing buildings requires much more than an energy audit.

It requires a long-range, integrated plan that includes implementing innovative energy efficiency strategies, preventative maintenance programs, capital improvement plans as well as operator training and occupant engagement. We take all this, and more, into account to find the right path towards lowering energy use and costs at your facility. By maximizing energy reduction strategies and using renewable sources, we can even help push your building Toward Net Zero Energy use. The best part is, because of the savings, our services can pay for themselves.

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Our Energy Use Dashboard can help you monitor your energy use and track results of energy savings projects.

EE&D can provide cloud-based real time monitoring and analysis of energy use and systems operations. This provides you with immediate, focused intelligence on building performance to enable you to act on issues much faster and with fewer resources. Combine this with our Facility Remote Monitoring and Reporting services, and you have all the tools you need to track the results of energy audits and retro commissioning services and ensure that your facility continues running as efficiently as possible.

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Featured Project Wall Labs

The four-year, two-phase Wall Lab construction project renovated the historic facility and achieved a LEED Platinum certification. However; the facility consumed 48% more energy than predicted by the LEED energy model. While the building was commissioned during construction, to ensure all systems operated as specified, we found that the many systems did not work together to serve the mission of the facility in the most efficient manner. As an example, all of the many lab hood exhaust systems provided the specified volume of exhaust air, but they provided the maximum amount of air at all times, not only when needed.

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