Energy Engineering & Design

A Whole Building Approach to Energy Reduction Strategies.

Efficiency Requires More Than Just Changing Out the Light Bulbs

Green Buildings require long-range and integrated plans:

  • Assessment of conditions, equipment, and systems.
  • Auditing of energy, water and waste stream.
  • Evaluation of renewable energy systems.
  • Capital improvement plans and performance verification strategies.
  • Training workshops for facility operators.
  • Occupant behavior modification, education, and awareness programs.
  • Real-time analysis of energy use and systems operations.
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Today

EE&D strategies lower the energy use and costs at your facility by focusing on energy reduction and using renewable sources. Our goal is to push your buildings towards Net Zero Energy Use.

Services That Pay for Themselves.

Electric Use BEFORE
Electric Use AFTER

The reduction of energy lowers utility costs which generates the funds for building improvements.

It’s Easy: Take the savings from enhanced HVAC control strategies and systems, advances in indoor air quality, and upgrades to lighting systems and controls to pay for your energy reduction strategies.

Look at what we did for The Save The Bay Center.

The center was built in 2005 as a state-of-the-art sustainable building on the waterfront of Narragansett bay. However, after two years of operation, it was realized that energy use was roughly three times what was originally planned.

We came in and reduced energy costs by 54% from $66,471 in 2006 to $26,654 during the 12 months ending in February of 2009. Not only did they save energy, but the occupants are thrilled because the building is much more comfortable.

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